Canuck Moto Ltd., Canada's new Era Specialty Motorcycle Shop. Working alongside industry leading brands / companies to bring the highest quality of purpose built motorcycles into this generation. A new meaning to Custom Motorcycle's. The Canuck-Moto combines knowledge / Techniques of the past with todays technology and design to bring the impossible alive. 

Phil Blackwell was given the opportunity to study all generations in motorcycle progression working under generational godfathers of the game. Taking these skills and lessons from mentors and carrying it on. "Pathing our own way of advancing the abilities in motorcycle today." 

* Quality - Precision work done Right

* Honesty - Standing behind work, right or wrong, making sure clients get what they paid for. (no one is perfect and mistakes happen) mistakes always be corrected and not hidden, as far an few as they come.

* Design - Style is a part of every rider, All work stems from flow of each riders personal identity. Everyone gets off their bike an takes a look back. It's a piece of art!

* Strength - A motorcycle can be built to overcome any task now adays, but how it is built is the key. knowing your ride is going to take down the abuse your looking to feed it is what we do. 

Canuck Moto Ltd. promises to provide Quality, and reliability to its clients. welcome to Canada's ONLY Specialty Motorcycle Shop! Home for all Canadian riders, and our Neighbor's on the other side of the border.

See you soon,

- Phil Blackwell

Owner, Canuck Moto Ltd.



Canuck Moto Ltd. "The Brand" was Created January 02 2022. The foundation was built over season one conducting private work for clients in a 10 x 20 shed in Copenhagen Ontario.

On September 07 2022 our Company decided to take on next stages of opening to the public. "The Shop" was created. Moving just outside of one of Ontario primary cities known as London Ontario. Canuck Moto found its home in Bryanston Ontario.

From the time we opened the door it was right to work. Partnering with Stinger Trailer Inc. and industry leading parts companies to create two motorcycles that would be show cased, and ridin in major events over the 2023 season. Our first task was to get them to the Motorcycle Super Show in Toronto Ontario. The Canadian community had a overwhelming response that we couldn't have been more grateful for.

Then Came Daytona Bike Week in Florida U.S.A. recieving the same response. For the remander of the '23 season we continued to tour around one event to the next.

Shortly after Daytona the Brand bike was Created as seen in the image to the left. The bike has been the staple to the shops identity over the season allowing us to show case Manufacturers who supply it, as well the creativeness of our builds.

Not only does the brand bike display the identity of the shop, but it also shows the progress and growth of the brand. As Canuck Moto grows within the industry so does this bike. Forever adapting with new technology, designs, power, and everything else. Starting the first design in a 10 x 20 shed. To upgrades with added design this season. We are excited to continue to push limits, widen the community, and create the impossible.!

None of this is possible with out the support of all of you, and we Thank you!

Dont miss out on all the new things to come. Make sure you folloe the social media accounts, @canuckmoto and sign up for the News Letter that will let you know when Promotions, events, and sales are happening!

"The Past was Great, but the Future is Legendary"

- Phil Blackwell