The War Hog is a build inspired for Our Canadian Armed Forces. This project was contracted to Canuck Moto Ltd. by Mad Hatter Industries. A Veteran run company that supports initiatives for Canadian Forces Personal as well First Responders.

Mad Hatter Industries was founded due to the struggles Personal in these fields over come with mental and physical injuries from their service. 

Mad Hatter Industries is a Apparel based company which uses its means to create a community. Community leans on one another providing help when bad times come, and or provide guidance to those seeking it. 

To be a part of a build with a meaning behind it like this means much more to the shop than most would think. Some know Canuck Actual has served in the Forces. allowing him to understand the power a community like this can have on a individual struggling with mental health.

This build was taken on by pulling inspiration from personal experiences, as well the history Motorcycles played in military history over the past 100 years. All Without taking away from the traditions of chopper building. From the frame up this bike has been built the traditional way.  Hopefully everyone is able to make it out to an event with Mad Hatter Industries to see and buy some gear to support the Mission of this company!


Canuck Moto Ltd.